Gear Gremlin GG601 12V Intelligent charger

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A microprocessor-based intelligent battery charger and maintainer. Suitable for all 12V 2.3Ah - 120Ah battery types, gel and lead acid. Input 240V. 50/60 Hz. Do not use with Nicd or NiMH batteries. The charger will automatically adjust the charging current according to the battery’s capacity rating and diagnose and try to recover a sulphated battery. It can recover high resistance caused by sulfation, which a conventional charger is not able to perform, as well as check and indicate a weak or damaged battery. Long term connection will not damage the battery due to the automatic voltage management system which will cut charging when battery is fully charged. Additional features are: ‘ Polarity Reverse Protection. ‘ Short Circuit Protection. ‘ Over Temperature Protection. ‘ Over Current Protection. ‘ Over Voltage Protection.